descriptionVirtual SuperComupter common C libraries
ownerMaximilian Wilhelm
last changeTue, 20 Oct 2009 22:52:23 +0000 (00:52 +0200)
2009-10-20 Maximilian... [misc] Add error code 'GENERIC_BADNESS' master origin/HEAD origin/master pg_vsc_final
2009-09-26 Maximilian... [misc/string] Let vsc_str_read_until_{marker,space...
2009-09-23 Maximilian... [misc] Add vsc_str_read_until_space() function.
2009-09-23 Maximilian... [misc] Add vsc_str_skip_whitespaces() and vsc_str_read_...
2009-09-22 Maximilian... [lib] Add vsc_strhassuffix()
2009-09-20 Maximilian... [misc] Add vsc_strtoll() function.
2009-09-20 Maximilian... [misc] Add vsc_strtoul() function.
2009-09-15 Maximilian... [misc] Add vsc_strtoui().
2009-06-21 Maximilian... [tests/manual] Add library include path for vscmisc...
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Add VirBuffer as dynamic string building facility.
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Add vsc_strcmp() that accepts NULL pointers.
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Fix another memory leak in vsc_error_cleanup().
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Remove binary test files and ignore them.
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Fix a memory leak in vsc_error_cleanup().
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Update vsc_error_fprint() to handle multiple...
2009-06-20 Matthias Bolte[misc] Extend error branching from binary to n-ary...
12 years ago pg_vsc_final Final version of the Pg VSC
12 years ago master