2009-04-26 Matthias Bolte[misc] Add missing initializer in _error_default struct...
2009-04-25 Matthias BolteCleanup doxygen style.
2009-04-25 Matthias BolteAdd doxygen config.
2009-04-23 Matthias Bolte[cli] Assert the correct type of option lookups.
2009-04-23 Matthias Bolte[cli] Add --debug-level <number> default option.
2009-04-23 Matthias Bolte[misc] Add debug levels and a VSC__DEBUG macro.
2009-04-23 Matthias Bolte[build] Add 'new' make rule for subdirectories.
2009-04-23 Matthias Bolte[cli] Parse untagged option with defined type.
2009-04-21 Matthias Bolte[cli] Combine the tagged and required fields of the...
2009-04-18 Maximilian... [debian] Update changelog to build version 0.2
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[cli] Fix potential out-of-bounds memory access.
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[cli] Automatically break lines after 79 characters...
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[cli] Display long option name first in help output.
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[misc] Add new functions: vsc_strjoin and vsc_mkpath.
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[remote] Fix indentation.
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[cli] Update error message for too many untagged options.
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[remote] Add generic command and pack system to simplif...
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[cli] Unify case of user visible strings.
2009-04-18 Matthias Bolte[cli] Read and write command history from and to a...
2009-04-17 Matthias Bolte[cli] Remove data option type and add new tagged option...
2009-04-17 Maximilian... [debian] Add .gitignore file for debian/ directory...
2009-04-17 Maximilian... [cli] Fixed simple bug in 'vsc_cli_option_get_number()'.
2009-04-17 Matthias Bolte[remote] Allow NULL as remote URL.
2009-04-17 Matthias Bolte[debian] Add libvscremote to the scripts.
2009-04-17 Matthias BolteAdd libvscremote: XML-RPC based remote extension for...
2009-04-16 Matthias Bolte[cli] Extend command function signature to take a comma...
2009-04-16 Matthias Bolte[cli] Fix missing newline in help display when descript...
2009-04-16 Matthias Bolte[build] Allow optional config-user.mk file for per...
2009-04-16 Matthias BolteUpdate HACKING file.
2009-04-16 Matthias Bolte[debian] Fix spelling and descriptions.
2009-04-11 Matthias Bolte[cli] Fix parsing of commands with trailing whitespaces.
2009-04-11 Matthias Bolte[cli] Add tab-completion for interactive mode.
2009-04-10 Matthias Bolte[cli] Add an option to disable output coloring.
2009-04-10 Matthias Bolte[cli] Add interactive mode.
2009-04-09 Matthias BolteRemove old name from Makefile header.
2009-04-09 Matthias BolteRemove unused code.
2009-04-09 Matthias BolteFix broken parsing of malformed long option names as...
2009-04-09 Matthias Bolte[cli] Add --verbose-errors to enable verbose error...
2009-04-08 Matthias BolteAdd new error code for remote errors.
2009-04-06 Maximilian... Added debian/ dir to build packages.
2009-04-06 Matthias Bolte[cli] Fix CFLAGS to use uninstalled libvscmisc headers.
2009-04-06 Matthias BolteRemove some wrong assert's.
2009-04-05 Matthias BolteAdd simple input parameter checks to every function.
2009-04-05 Matthias Bolte[misc] Remove redundant error codes.
2009-04-05 Matthias BolteMove common used/useable code from libvscmgmt to libvsc...
2009-04-05 root.gitignore