[doc] Update INSTALL file once more.
[libvscmgmt.git] / .gitignore
2009-06-08 Maximilian Wilhelm[.gitignore] Ignore vi swap files.
2009-05-09 Matthias BolteAdd test coverage report generation.
2009-05-09 Matthias Bolte[tests] Rename parser_test to parser_dump.
2009-05-08 Matthias BolteAdd tests/parser_test to .gitignore.
2009-04-25 Matthias BolteAdd doxygen config.
2009-04-21 Matthias BolteIgnore *.pyc files.
2009-04-16 Matthias Bolte[build] Allow optional config-user.mk file for per...
2009-04-09 Matthias BolteUpdate .gitignore file.
2009-03-30 Matthias BolteCompile backends as static libraries.
2009-03-30 Matthias BolteAdd some input validation to the network backend.
2009-03-19 Matthias BolteUpdate code to be in sync with the latest changes in...
2009-03-18 root.gitignore