descriptionA Linux Firewall Framework
ownerMaximilian Wilhelm
last changeMon, 16 Oct 2017 10:58:36 +0000 (12:58 +0200)
2017-10-16 Michael SchwarzUpdate changelog for 0.2.3 master
2017-10-16 Michael SchwarzChecks for portdefinitions in services
2017-10-13 Michael SchwarzDelayed commit of changelog for version 0.2.1
2017-10-13 Michael SchwarzAccept portranges in service definitions
2016-08-15 Michael SchwarzFixed generation of network based rules
2016-01-21 Michael SchwarzUpdate Changelog to version 0.2.1
2016-01-21 Michael SchwarzImplement hooks at push also
2016-01-20 Michael SchwarzUpdate example files
2016-01-20 Michael SchwarzImplement execution of hooks
2016-01-18 Michael SchwarzDamn typo v0.2.0-1
2016-01-14 Michael SchwarzMaking lintian not crying any more
2016-01-14 Michael SchwarzUpdate changelog for relase
2016-01-14 Michael SchwarzCreate rules dir on setup
2015-06-02 Michael SchwarzUpdate alff agent config (missing config statement)
2015-06-02 Michael SchwarzUpdate plugin to new config...
2015-05-30 Maximilian... Use std POSIX shell instead of bash and remove old...
2 years ago v0.2.0-1 Release v0.2.0-1
5 years ago v0.1.1
5 years ago v0.1.0 Ein guter punkt die Version 0.1...
10 years ago v0.0.5 This is release v0.0.5 of Alff.
11 years ago v0.0.4 This is release v0.0.4 of Alff.
11 years ago v0.0.3 This is release version 0.0.3
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