Do some spoofcheks even in ipv6. This is probably not complete
[alff.git] / debian / rules
2007-12-07 Maximilian WilhelmBeatufied debian/rules files.
2007-02-13 Maximilian WilhelmUpdated debian/{copyright,rules}.
2006-11-26 Maximilian WilhelmPlace example configuration in /etc/alff/example at...
2006-11-01 Maximilian WilhelmMake debian/rules install manpages and init.d scripts.
2006-08-14 Maximilian WilhelmUpdated debian changelog and rulesfile to reflect lates...
2006-08-08 Maximilian WilhelmCopy example config infrastructure at the right place.
2006-08-06 Maximilian WilhelmFixed error in config dir creation in debian/rules
2006-08-06 Maximilian WilhelmCreate alff configuration directory in rules file
2006-07-06 Maximilian WilhelmFixed silly error: Config files should be in /etc/alff/
2006-07-06 Maximilian WilhelmReorganized config files for alff-rulegen and added...
2006-07-04 Maximilian WilhelmUpdated debian/rules to include alff-push
2006-06-28 Maximilian WilhelmCreate empty config directories in /etc/alff
2006-06-21 Maximilian WilhelmInclude hooks in alff-rulegen package
2006-06-19 Maximilian WilhelmAdded alff-agent script for init
2006-06-18 Maximilian WilhelmUpdated debian/rules to reflect move of the alff cat.
2006-05-31 Maximilian Wilhelmfixed typo
2006-05-29 Maximilian Wilhelmrenamed alff package to alff-rulegen and
2006-05-05 rootRenamed fwrbm to alff (A Linux Firewall Framework)
2006-04-29 Maximilian WilhelmAdded debian/ directory