Do some spoofcheks even in ipv6. This is probably not complete
[alff.git] / debian / control
2007-01-09 Maximilian WilhelmChanged debian dependency of alff-rulegen from 'gawk...
2006-08-14 Maximilian WilhelmAdded dependency to mailx to alff-agent.
2006-06-18 Maximilian WilhelmUpdated dependencies to perl modules
2006-05-29 Maximilian Wilhelmrenamed alff package to alff-rulegen and
2006-05-25 Maximilian WilhelmSome basic updates to add alff-cat to debian/
2006-05-17 Maximilian Wilhelmalff does not depend on bc and iptables anymore
2006-05-05 rootRenamed fwrbm to alff (A Linux Firewall Framework)
2006-04-29 Maximilian WilhelmAdded debian/ directory